Yankee Candle Fundraiser

Please support FLECC PTA!  Once again, we are partnering with Yankee Candle Fundraising to raise money for PTA programs and activities such as:  Playhouse Square Field Trips, Field Day, Bulldog Party Rock, Right to Read Week, Kids Love Musicals, 3rd Grade Farewell, Breakfast Buddies, Fun and Educational assemblies, plus so much more.
The Yankee Candle Sale runs September 9th – September 26th. 
All Catalog orders and money are due by September 29. 
Online orders will be accepted until January 10th.
Prizes to any student who sells at least 1 item plus top 4 sellers, top class and those who sell 15+ items.  Additionally, each FL student who sells at least 1 item or those student’s whose family donated money to the PTA will be invited to the after school movie day on Friday, December 2.
Please contact Cathy Hess at 216.647.8998 or cathyhess@hotmail.com with questions.