Accommodations & Modifications; New English/Language Arts Program

Tuesday, February 28th @ 7pm
Falls-Lenox Cafeteria
FL/ECC PTA Meeting
Two Presentations

1) Meg DiFilippo and Barb Lance from the Olmsted Falls Family Council will
define and provide examples of Accommodations and Modifications used in the classroom for students with special needs. Contact:
– Accommodations are changes made in how a student has access to the curriculum or demonstrates learning.
– Whereas an accommodation allows all students access to the same curriculum, modifications are an alteration in the actual content of the curriculum.

2) Dr. Jim Lloyd and staff will discuss the newly adopted English/Language Arts Program in the Olmsted Falls City Schools and how it will apply to the students at the Early Childhood Center and Falls-Lenox.

Free babysitting is provided, along with a raffle for two $25 gift cards, just for attending.  You do not have to be a PTA member to attend the meeting, just show up 🙂


Want to be more involved in the PTA?! The FL/ECC PTA Nominating Committee will be soliciting names for the 2012-13 school year for elected positions.
For more information on elected positions and the job duties, e-mail Linda Parkowski at or call 440-235-7096.