Renewal Levy: What can you do?

Wondering what you can do to help pass the Renewal Levy this November?  Here are a couple of ideas:
Participate in the Knock and Talk Campaign with Dr. Hoadley
By volunteering just 90 minutes on any of the following dates you can educate taxpayers on just what this Levy means to Olmsted Falls schools and our kids:
  • Saturday, September 17th
  • Saturday, September 24th
  • Saturday, October 1st

Volunteers will meet at 10 a.m. at the Board Bldg in front of the High School.  Receive a brief training and receive a list of areas to be canvassed.  Then you will venture out in pairs or individually to spread the word about the School Levy that will NOT raise taxes.

Register to Vote
The last day to register to vote in the November election is October 11, 2011.  You can register at any of the following:

  • Board of Elections
  • Olmsted Falls High School
  • any vocational school
  • the Bureau of Motor Vehicles
  • any of our Cuyahoga or Lorain County Libraries depending on

Remember that even if you’ve moved within the same state and/or county you need to notify the Board of Elections and you can do so at any of the above.

Place a Sign in your yard showing your support
Signs may be obtained by contacting the Board Office.  You can pick up a sign or have your name placed on a list and they will come out and put it in your yard for you.  Doesn’t get easier than that.  The number to call is 440-427-6000 or contact Kim Petrina at