Major Fundraising Effort Begins

This is our major fundraiser for the school year.  This helps to pay for field trips, assemblies, and other special events at both Falls-Lenox and the ECC.  Thank you so much for your support!

Starts: Tuesday, September 6
Ends: Wednesday, September 21

  • Turn in your order form and money by 9/21.
  • Make sure the seller’s name is written on the order form and the return envelope.
  • Sale ID #210073  Account # 28806
  • Please return the top 2 copies of the order form and KEEP THE PINK COPY for your reference.
  • If paying by check or money order, make payable to: Falls-Lenox PTA.
  • Payment is due with orders.

Pickup:  Falls-Lenox Gym, 3pm – 7pm
Wednesday, October 19 -or- Thursday, October 20

Log onto to invite friends and family to shop and support our group.

1.  On home page of the website, click on “Register your child as a Seller” and follow the easy steps so your Seller gets credit for every purchase.  A portion of all online sales will go towards our goal.

2.  Sellers can earn FREE Song Downloads!  For every 5 valid email addresses entered (of those 18 and over), sellers receive a PIN# that will enable them to download one free song.

3.  You can also log on and shop for catalog items and other online exclusive products.  Our sale ID # is 210073.

Place internet orders by Tuesday, September 27, 2011.  Online orders are credit card only plus applicable tax.  Online exclusive products can’t be added to student’s write-in order forms.


VIP Participation Program
Every student has a chance to win a random prize!  The attached form explains how our new program works.  Your student will receive a VIP Pass just by returning the signed ticket by Wednesday, September 7, 2011.  There will be six “I sold 2 more” tab on the VIP Pass.  Every time your child sells 2 more items, please fill-in and sign that tab and their chances of winning will increase throughout the sale.

Monster Palooza Prize Program
See the attached flyer for all the great prizes your child can receive for helping us get closer to our goal.  Prizes are awarded based on total number of units sold on the order form and our website during the sale event.

Special Incentives
Sell 20 items and earn a Falls-Lenox T-shirt.  The Top Selling Classroom in each grade level will earn a pizza party!  The #1 Top Seller School-Wide will earn a Space Spider Remote Control Wall Climbing car!  The #2 Top Seller School-Wide will earn a Razr Kick Scooter!  The #3 Top Seller School-Wide will earn a Plug and Sing Karaoke Machine!

Remember: Start with family, friends and coworkers.  Make sure students always sell with a parent or guardian.  Do not sell door-to-door to homes of people you don’t know.

Call Kristie Patton at (440) 427-9273 or Customer Service at 877-632-7753.
Sale ID #210073  Account # 28806